(Spence learning the guitar at his music instructor’s place.)

Prometheus is a pilot project and mentorship program launched to assist young men with large outstanding student debts, those experiencing financial difficulty or who have very limited employment experience develop their skills, improve their studying practices and better themselves. The pilot project uses grants, issued with specific guidelines and expectations, as well as compulsory one-on-one mentorship instruction and military-style training, to keep our recipients/students accountable, goal-oriented, focused, disciplined and challenged to learn new skills.

Prometheus aims to address the problem of a steadily increasing drop-out rate among men from colleges and universities in many western countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and a decline in college and university attendance among young men, as well as an increased problem of under-achievement.

Our students receive grants, which assist in covering approved expenses, such as housing and travel costs, but must also be used to enrol in, and successfully complete a term of one-on-one lessons in three distinct fields. These may include: a second language, music (learning an instrument and singing), military physical fitness, business math, writing skills, etc. The disciplinary physical training is a required component and is not optional. Each student is paired up with an instructor in a relevant field, and goes through a customised, one-on-one series of lessons with his instructor over a period of four to six months. The student is held accountable through quizzes, tests, homework, progress reports and regularly submitted grades. Instructors bring a wealth of experience in their respective field and they offer what is often needed the most and what is much more difficult to offer in a large classroom setting: personal attention, which comes with the ability to customise a program to the student’s level of progress, but also provide a uniquely challenging, demanding learning environment.

This pilot project is currently in the instructional/mentorship phase. The five students have received their grants and are now working on the mandatory educational component of the program, with each enrolled in three different one-on-one courses.