(Spence learning the guitar at his music instructor’s place.)

Prometheus is a pilot project and mentorship program launched to assist young men with large outstanding student debts, those experiencing financial difficulty or who have very limited experience in a specific field develop their skills, improve their studying practices and better themselves. The pilot project uses modest grants, issued with specific guidelines and expectations, as well as compulsory one-on-one mentorship instruction and training, to keep our recipients/students accountable, goal-oriented, focused, disciplined and challenged to learn new skills.

Prometheus aims to address the problem of a steadily increasing drop-out rate among men from colleges and universities in many western countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, a decline in college and university attendance among young men, a lack of physical activity and poor health habits, as well as an increased problem of under-achievement.

These grants may be applied towards approved expenses and instructional, mentorship or physical training programs. In some cases, grants require students to enrol in, and successfully complete a term of one-on-one lessons in three distinct fields. These may include: a second language, music (learning an instrument), physical fitness, business math, writing skills, etc. Each student is paired up with an instructor in a relevant field, and goes through a customised, one-on-one series of lessons with his instructor over a specific period of time. The student is held accountable through tests and progress reports. Instructors bring a wealth of experience in their respective field and they offer what is often needed the most and what is much more difficult to offer in a large classroom setting: personal attention, which comes with the ability to customise a program to the student’s level of progress, but also provide a uniquely challenging learning environment.

This grant is presently a pilot project.